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DC4: Computational modelling of epigenome rewiring (walking pathways) during cell differentiation. Model validation by in depth analysis of epigenome and transcriptome data-GP

DC4 – (GP) will be working on the creation and validation of the computational model of the process of cell differentiation. The concept of “waling pathways” will be further developed and applied to model the process of cell differentiation to understand how pathogenic variants in chromatin regulators may lead to impairments of the cell differentiation process. DC4 will assess the possibility to infer the epigenomic perturbation associated with the mutations of chromatin regulators and to predict the master-regulators of the circuitry as potential drug targets. By applying machine-learning based models, DC4 will simulate the effects of the leading drugs to identify the most sensitive parameters and elements that might act as central nodes of the shared regulatory circuitry.

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