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DC3: Epigenome and transcriptome in depth analysis of patient-derived model for CPs, mapping of possible alterations and effects of epi-drugs on the profiles – UM

DC3 – (UM) will analyse epigenetic and transcriptomic profiles of primary cells retrieved from individuals affected by CPs, as well as from the generated zebrafish models. A focus will be given to the Kabuki syndrome, in close collaboration with D. Genevieve, also a member of the ITN. Both active and inactive epigenetic marks will be analysed using CUT&RUN technology. The objective will be to determine which genes and active/inactive regulatory elements of the genome are perturbed in different subsets of lymphocytes and neurons and how this active/inactive balance is affecting their function. DC3 will determine the effects of the treatment with the epi-drugs on immune and neuronal cells. Specifically, DC3 will perform the transcriptomic and the epigenetic profile of both patient-derived and zebrafish T cells upon treatment with the selected epi-drugs to define the molecular basis of the cellular response to these treatments.

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