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DC10: Dissecting alterations of nuclear compartmentalization in CPs: from LLPS to molecular dynamics – UNITN

DC10 (UNITN) will investigate whether CPs could be caused by an improper spatial chromatin organization associated with altered compartmentalization of chromatin condensates. DC10 will establish the role of CP-related proteins (UTX, CHD7, EP300, CREBBP, NIBPL) to phase separation in vitro and their involvement in modulating transcription condensates within the cellular context. By setting-up optogenetic tools, DC10 will determine the dynamics of chromatin factors organizations and how their maintenance is modulated during cell lineage commitment. DC10 will further exploit single-molecule localization microscopy (STORM and SMT) to define the structure and the dynamics of chromatin condensates. These advanced imaging approaches will permit to define the dynamics of chromatin factors and their contribution to transcriptional condensates in different chromatin contexts.

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